Rosie’s Calf Club:

Rosie’s Calf Club game is a chance for children to virtually take care of a calf for two weeks, getting it ready for Calf Club. The calf needs to be fed, groomed and led every day. After two weeks, Calf Club players answer questions and play a leading game to enable them to receive their virtual Calf Day ribbons and certificate.

Ultimately the students are working towards 3 virtual Calf Club Day ribbons. These are for rearing, knowledge and leading. When this has been achieved a certificate is earned.

Each day children receive ‘Rosie Mail’ from Rosie. These include special tips about caring for calves. Students learn some of the practicalities involved in being responsible for an animal. They can use these tips for completing the quiz which is part of Calf Club Day at the end of the two weeks.

If children miss a day they can’t make it up but can still continue with the game and go on to Calf Club Day. If a child doesn’t feed their calf for three days in a row, the calf will leave their farm to go and look for food, and the game will be over.

Once children get to Calf Club Day they have three days to complete the knowledge and leading ribbon tasks and earn their certificate. This is to allow for weekends if children are playing at school and don’t have a computer at home.

Who is Rosie’s Calf Club game for?

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How can I contact you if I have any feedback?

Rosie’s Calf Club has been created by DairyNZ to help children learn about dairy farming and about the responsibility involved in caring for an animal. DairyNZ works on behalf of the dairy farmers of New Zealand.

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