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Welcome to Rosie’s Calf Club game. This is a safe, fun and free place for your students to play and learn together.

Rosie’s World is a trusted resource that’s filled with information on the Dairy Industry in New Zealand.

Registering/Logging in:

As a teacher you can register and then log in to add your whole class as Calf Club players. Once you have signed up you can add as many players as you want, edit their details and remove them too. All you need is an email address for sign up confirmation.

Accompanying Rosie’s Calf Club game are six fun and practical suggestions for teachers which can be adjusted for different curriculum levels. The activities can be used alongside the virtual game or can be used in the lead up to your school Ag or Calf Club day.

The Activities:

We would love to see samples of your student’s work. You could email them to, post them on Rosie’s Facebook page or send them to Rosie at:

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About Farms: What are we learning?

Learning about the bigger picture helps to put everything in a context. I can begin to understand how things fit together.

What will it involve?

Using existing, well known stories to learn about life on a farm, the parts of a farm and how people interact with the animals and the land on a farm.
Calf Club Lesson: About Farms

Recount Writing: What are we learning?

Recount writing helps us learn and use concepts such as before, first, secondly, then, next, after that and finally.

What will it involve?

Students will recount their progress on the Calf Club game using ‘screenshots’ and sequencing words to support their writing. This lesson has simple ICT components such as taking a screen shot and adding it to a document.
Calf Club Lesson: Recount Writing

Causes and Consequences: What are we learning?

Identifying causes and consequences in our everyday activities helps us to develop a clearer understanding of these concepts and their importance to decision making.

What will it involve?

Students will use pictures and text to show an understanding of causes and consequences. The ICT components for this lesson are taking ‘screenshots’, saving your work, adding text and using the Comic Life (or similar) programme.
Calf Club Lesson: Causes and Consequences

Rearing a Calf: What are we learning?

Categorising the jobs involved in rearing a calf allows us to reinforce the skills we are learning and consolidates our understanding.

What will it involve?

Retrieving images from Rosie’s Calf Club and categorising them under the four themes of caring, responsibility, trust and love. This can be done digitally using a programme such as Glogster.
Calf Club Lesson: Rearing a Calf

Compare and Contrast: What are we learning?

To develop our critical thinking skills using a compare and contrast graphic organiser.

What will it involve?

Students will complete a compare and contrast graphic organiser. From this they will be able to compile a list of general care guidelines to follow when you are responsible for the care of an animal.
Calf Club Lesson: Compare and Contrast

Life Skills: What are we learning?

Identifying abstract skills helps us to become an active and responsible citizen.

What will it involve?

Students will articulate what skills they have learned and used from playing Rosie’s Calf Club game.
Calf Club Lesson: Life Skills

Other Resources:

To find all the free resources on the Dairy Industry in New Zealand go to and


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